Our Facility

We operate from a state-of-the-art facility spread over 25,000+ sqft.  The facility comprises of 2 formulation development labs, 1 material characterization and preformulation lab, 3 analytical development labs (wet analysis lab, dissolution lab and instrumentation lab), dedicated stability area, dedicated ware-house, central archival area and office space. The formulation labs are designed to handle high potent compounds with an analytical sampling area.  The entire facility has safety features like fire alarms, smoke detectors, PA systems, etc. 

The formulation labs have capabilities to offer development services for oral dosage forms (solids and liquids) as well as injectable dosage forms, including lyophilization, while the analytical labs are equipped with instruments that help in most of the analysis required for peroral and injectable dosage forms.  The stability area comprises of humidity chambers maintained at all ICH conditions, including photstability chamber. 

COVID Update
Team IDRS is committed towards working on complex products in niche therapeutic areas to address the unmet medical needs. This extends to the current challenging time, where the entire scientific community is working towards bringing some therapeutic option to provide relief from Covid-19 and associated complications. Our team, in collaboration with some of the premier Indian Institutes, is fervently working on a phytopharmaceutical product that will not only provide an option to treat Covid 19 patients but also minimise post Covid complications. Watch this space for further updates.