About us


IDRS Labs, a specialty pharmaceutical organization, is a leading product development partner to pharmaceutical organizations globally. Incorporated in 2012 by established scientists-turned-entrepreneurs, IDRS is recognized for delivering some of the most complex products – right from inception, development, technology transfer, scale-up, bio-equivalency studies, manufacturing of registration batches, to support for regulatory approval.

We have a proven track record across domains, forging and nurturing strategic, long-term partnerships with pharmaceutical leaders, with a goal of enhancing therapeutic value of products for consumers, and building success for stakeholders.

We have helped our clients develop products – from injectables to orals, which have been a commercial success in global markets, and are a testimony to our expertise and experience as a research, development and growth partner.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified and DSIR recognized organization, and fully acknowledge our responsibility towards maintaining the highest quality standards for our products. Beyond conventional product development, our labs are equipped to develop cytotoxic compounds in the area of solid orals, liquid orals, and injectable dosage forms, including lyophilization. Additionally, our labs, processes and systems can perform analytical method validations for any geography.

As of today, many of the products we helped develop, and the analytical methods we validated are currently commercialized in the US market, with many more being in the approval phase. Our scientists are recognized in the industry for their expertise in areas such as QbD (Quality by Design), DoE (Design of Experiments), have several scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and international patents, and have been invited as speakers for several conferences of repute.


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